Graciela Nardi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During her years of painting, Graciela became fascinated with the New York-based movement of Abstract Expressionism. Expression through color is how she describes her works. In her work, Graciela used an array illusionist devices. She expresses all of this through colors and texture. The painting’s entire surface is covered with animated brushstrokes, drips, layers, and different medium. She is one of what may be called “post-abstract” painters.
In her style and technique the fictive space is made up of layer upon layer of net that “mirror” her own life and feelings. Her works explores the relationship between two-dimensional painting and three-dimensional sculpture, that she constructs locating her in the innovative art “Combine”.   




Vinci School of Art – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Art Workshops – Puerto Rico, New Orleans and California

Citrus College – Associate Degree in Art – Azusa, California

University of La Verne – Bachelor in Fine Art – La Verne, California

University of La Verne – Non-Profit Management Certificate

University of La Verne – Master in Leadership and Management (in progress) – La Verne, California


Bestline International – National Director – Puerto Rico – Barcelona, Spain and Argentina – 1973 - 1978

Coronda Travel – Owner – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1979 - 1984

Cafe dell’Arte – Owner – New Orleans, Louisiana – 1994-1998

Art Teacher, Noteworthy Learning Systems, California - 1997-2001

Art Teacher, Montessori School, San Dimas, California – 1998-2002

Art Coordinator, Latin American Art Museum, Miami, Florida - 1997-2001

Art and Spanish Teacher, Latino Art Museum – 2001 to present.

Director and Founder, Latino Art Museum, Pomona, California – 2001 to present.

Art Teacher Bell Tower School – Alhambra, California

Art Teacher Enrichment Art Program – Sycamore Elementary School – Claremont, California - 2001 to present.



“Trinity” - Oil on Canvas - Associated Artists

“Time and Life” - Oil on Canvas - Pomona Valley Art Association

“Common Thoughts” - Oil on Canvas - Pomona Valley Art Association


“Alice Trebol’s Adventures”- Children Book -English and Spanish

Litrus Magazine - Citrus College

Who is Who in America

Alpha Gamma Sigma - May, 1998 – Citrus College, California

The National Trust for Historic Preservation - Member                              

Children Home Society – Active Member

Children Fun Association – Active Member


Honorable Mention

“Untitled III - Combine Painting on Canvas with Net

“20 Latin American Women in Art” – Book: “Biblioteca de Artistas de las Comunidades Europeas”                                               


Conducting “Feelings through Art” - Blind Children’s Center - Los Angeles, California

Associated Artists of the Inland Empire Member                                                     

Argentinean Professional Association - Vice President and Founder

The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art - Art Coordinator

2000 Academic Achievement Award – Fine Art Department – Citrus College - California


“Contemplating the Geometry” Painting selected by the Latin Business Association to honor the four

Latina Entrepreneurs. The LBA was proud to recognize the accomplishments of these women with four

Reproductions of Graciela Nardi’s art work.


Academic Award – Leadership and Management – Graduate Program - University of La Verne – California


“Self Portrait” Painting selected by the Latin Business Association to honor the three 2003 Latina Entrepreneurs.

The LBA was proud to recognize the accomplishments of these women with three reproductions of Graciela Nardi’s

Art work.

Arts International Exhibition 2003 – El Paso, Texas October 10-30 – JuryWorkshop “Abstract Expressionism” 

El Paso Art Association.

Annual Award – National Parents’ Day – by City Mayor Pomona City Hall   


Participation in a Case Study Barrio Museology: the Musealization of Chicano Culture in Los Angeles.


Lecture “Latin American Artists in the United States” Miami, Florida

Lecture “Latin American Art in the United States” Scripps College Fine Arts Foundation.

2001 – 2013

Curator - Latin American Art – Latino Art Museum – Latin Business Association – Santa Ana Gallery – Toyota Exhibition

Las Vegas Art Expo


1991 - 1992 - 1994 - 1995

Pomona Valley Art Association, Claremont, California

1993 - 1994 - 1995

Upland Art Association, Upland, California

1995 - 1996

Buenos Aires  Exhibition  - Claremont, California

Fallis Place - Ontario, California

Gallery Las Americas, Santa Monica, California


Bistango Gallery - Irvine, California

Studio Gallery - Irvine, California

Claremont United Church - Claremont, California

Associated Artist - Inland Empire, California

Tango Festival Exhibition – Cultural Affair - City of Los Angeles


Citrus College Art Gallery - Glendora, CA

Sheraton Grande, Torrey Pines  - La Jolla, CA


“Harris Gallery” - University of La Verne

“Women in the Arts’99” The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art

“La Tazza” - CovinaCalifornia

Cal State Dominguez Hill University

“Breast Cancer Exhibition” - California

“Europart’99”- Switzerland, Geneva

Cuttress Gallery - Pomona, California

Bienestar” - Van Nuys, California

“Argentine Cultural Month” - The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art- Florida

“H2O an Aquarium Oasis” - DA Center for the Arts - Pomona, California

“Mensajes Latinos #2” The San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art- San Francisco, California

“Argentine Pathways” - El Museo Latino de Historia, Arte y Cultura- Los Angeles, California

“Argentina-America in Los Angeles: Paintings of the Millennium” – Pasadena

“Argentina International Week” Jonathan Club – Los Angeles October 10-15 Curator


“Arte del Nuevo Milenio” - The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art - Florida

“Women of the 2000” - The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art - Florida

“Space 2000” - Brandstater Gallery - La Sierra University - Riverside - California


“Labyrinth-Laberinto” - Cantegril Country Club - Punta del Este - Uruguay

“Women of the XXI Century” - Latin American Art Museum - Miami, Florida

“Transformation: Art and Healing” - Da Center for the Arts - Pomona, California

“Women in the Arts” Spain, Barcelona

“Latin Business Association” – Convention Center – Los Angeles, California


“Implicit Depth” – Latino Art Museum – Pomona, California

“10th. International Art Festival” Lantern of the East – APEX in L.A. - Los Angeles - Angel’s Gate, San Pedro

“Latin Business Association” – Convention Center – Los Angeles, California

“Women and Values” – Hatmann Gallery – Coral Gables, Florida

“Soho” Annual Exhibition – Pomona Art Colony – California


“Latino Business Exhibit” – Convention Center – Los Angeles, California


Claremont’s 100 Angels – Latino Art Museum – Claremont, California

Fairplex – Annual Exhibition – September, Pomona, California


“52 Artists and 300 Miniatures Show” Latino Art Museum

“Portrait and Self Portrait” Exhibition

“International Artists’ Yearbook 2006 Biblioteca de Artists de las Comunidades Europeas – Museum of the Americas


“Yearbook 2008” and Exhibition Latino Art Museum

“Go Green – Mother Earth – Save the World” April 2008 - Latino Art Museum


“Labyrinth Rebirth: Hidden Images” Solo Show – January and February 2009 - Latino Art Museum

“25 de Octubre 2009, International Day of Paintings” Barcelona, Spain

“6th. Annual Women’s International Exhibition “– March 2009 – Latino Art Museum

“Flags and Liberty” June 2009 – Latino Art Museum


Santa Ana College – Group Exhibition – September 2010 – Santa Ana, Santora Building, California April 2010

“All U Can Eat 2010” Group Exhibition Bunny Gunner Gallery, Pomona, CA February 2010


Carlos Horne – Photographs from 1937 and Graciela H. Nardi – Drawings – January 2011

“7th. Women International Show” March 2011 – Latino Art Museum

Museum of History Ontario, CA –“6th. Biennal Open Juried Exhibition” – May, June 2011

“Don’t Sleep” Art Show – Latino Art Museum – July 2011

“World Peace” Art Show – Latino Art Museum – September 2011


“All You Can Eat” - February 2012 – Bunny Gunner – Pomona, California

“8th. Women International Show” March 2012 – Latino Art Museum

“Don’t Sleep” Art Show – Latino Art Museum – July 2012

“Spain” Group Show – August 2012


“Vanities – Vanidades - Vanities” – January 2013 – Latino Art Museum

“All You Can Eat” – March 2013 – Bunny Gunner – Pomona, California

“9th. Women International Show” – March 2013 – Latino Art Museum

“Hidden Images of the Labyrinth” Solo Show - June 2013 – Metro Gallery – Pomona, California

“Past and Present-Memories from my Labyrinth” – National Hispanic Month – Bellas Artes Gallery – Pomona, California


“10th Women International Exhibition” March 2014 – Latino Art Museum

“Group Show” June 2014 – Latino Art Museum

“My Labyrinth” Solo Show - September 2014 – Metro Gallery – Pomona, California

“Miniatures” Group Show – September 2014 – Latino Art Museum


“Lines and Shapes “  Group Show – January 2015 – Latino Art Museum

“Not Always Red” Group Show – February 2015 – Latino Art Museum

“11th Women International Exhibition – March 2015 – Latino Art Museum